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aggregate / multitude

Aggregate / multitude explores queer (dis)orientation and glitched embodiment through virtual reality, sound, writing, and performance, seeking to open portals into multiplicity and collectivity. Colourful, undulating landscapes unfurl from procedurally shattered spheres, AI-generated organs, saturated glass textures, loops of poetry, and surreal bits of architecture. By activating these sites with performance, collaborators T Braun and hexe.exe invite participants into the glitchy mediation of virtual technology as a way to examine their participation in reality. The textures of the virtual that slip from glitchy to perilous to euphoric offer richly affective gaps in our language for body and space that reveal the roiling flux of agency, individuality, and collectivity. T Braun and hexe.exe not only create VR projects but live a significant portion of their lives in queer and trans* communities in social VR. What emerges from these spaces is a potent, rhizomatic undercommons of collective new forms of embodiment, spatial imagination, and solidarity. In August 2023, T and hexe.exe created a zine about the project. Click here to view it.  


The two VR worlds can be visited through the VRChat social platform using a VR headset or PC:

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